Is this Saturday? New Phone: +44 07742 901360

It has been happening.  Forgetting the day of the week, or even the date.  I guess this would make sense given there isn’t a work week to plan around.  I now have all sorts of reminders set to alert me.  Yes, this does happen when you retire, maybe not everyone, but it has for me.  What next?

Yesterday I got a SIM card for my phone and stopped my Verizon service.  See my new phone number in today’s heading.  +44 07742 901360   Download here:

For those wondering, I got my SIM card from a chain store, Tesco.  Since they are a chain store, they have the resources to ensure that my phone will work with the new SIM card.  My other options are to buy a SIM card from a kiosk or small independent store – perhaps when I replace my current SIM card at my next destination.  For now, it works.  I’m happy. The cost for the SIM card, with 2 gig of data, was £20 and should be good (we shall see) for about a month of use.

Had fun yesterday shopping for groceries to make some soup. This flat has enough kitchen equipment to make meals so I don’t need to eat out anymore unless I want to.  I learned that not all food items are available or named the same (for instance zucchini is named courgette).  Which is fine, just need to learn and adapt.  I can now make my own coffee, tea (provided by Cousin Sandy), eggs, and toast for breakfast.  And the soup can be used as the base for lunch and dinner until Monday when I check into my next Airbnb.

In London, I’ll stay in four different places while here.  The first was just for one day in a hotel.  The other three are Airbnb lodgings.  The first (where I am currently) is my own flat, the next I will be sharing a three bedroom flat with two other renters, and the last will be sharing a flat with the Airbnb host.  This will give me a broader range of experiences and a chance to meet people.

Yesterday I tried washing clothes in a combo washer and dryer machine.  Either I was doing something wrong or the machine didn’t work, so I went to a laundry to wash and dry my clothes.  I’ll try again when at some future location where a similar machine is available.

Getting cash and using credit cards has not been an issue. More places in London seem to only take cash, so I always have more cash on hand just in case.  If you look, you’ll find ATMs that do not charge a fee for cash withdrawals and checked my account with my credit union and was not charged a fee by them.  The credit cards I have do not charge a fee for international transactions.  They also give me 1.5 travel credit points.

Updated with a visit to Kensington Palace and the London Eye.

IMG_20160709_133601 My flat in Kensignton

Cousin Sandy’s Tea      IMG_20160709_133524

Visiting Kensington Palace


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Catherine) live to Queen Victoria’s left, in the lower extension from the main palace.  They were not at home when I visited.

IMG_20160709_144612394Elizabeth Tower (a.k.a. “Big Ben”)

IMG_20160709_144920835_HDR IMG_20160709_144947925 London EyeIMG_20160709_145339751 IMG_20160709_153243412 Boarding London EyeIMG_20160709_153758777 IMG_20160709_155658117 IMG_20160709_154648320At the topIMG_20160709_144947925

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    1. Good job putting in your comments. Look for more feedback when you have time. Yes, more relaxed – just the beginning.

  1. Hi Philip! So glad all is well for you there! We ended up with an Italian SIM cars while we were there and it was a life saver! Looks like you’re settling in quite well. I will be in touch this week.


    1. Okay. Good to know you made it back! Italian SIM cards – will connect before I head to Italy.

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