Left NYC at 11:00 p.m. and arrived in London (Gatwick) at 10:30 a.m. local time and went through customs and got to hotel (via train, then taxi) in 90 minutes. Didn’t sleep on the flight, but was well-fed (full dinner and breakfast) and had movies to watch. Was surprised with an upgrade to a suite, including a nice dining room. Took a nap, though, as soon as I checked in.  Then went for a walk.  Really need to pay attention when crossing the street but didn’t get run over, so I’ll claim the walk successful.  Saw a number of sites in a couple of hours.  I’m in the Kensington area so close to a number of attractions.  Surprisingly, I only had one “what am I doing” moment when landing this morning.  But after getting settled in, I’m ready.  Bring it on!  Still need to figure out what I’m doing about a phone.  Tried to get a SIM card to work in my current phone, but my first attempt didn’t work.  I’ll figure something out.  With limited WiFi, I did find myself walking in circles – so took a cab back tothe hotel, otherwise I might still be walking around.   Second thought, I know I’d still be walking around.

Now for some pictures…  (Random – some from today and some from yesterday.  Was going to put in order, but that was took much like work, and since I’m retired, and CEO of my time, I decided not to.  Ha!  🙂

The cabin had a monitor what showed the flight path and time to arrive at the airport.  It was like watching a clock – guess it was!

IMG_20160702_221924160 How much further?

IMG_20160702_221951022When do we land?

IMG_20160702_222207 New Whitney Museum

IMG_20160704_204417771 4th of July Fireworks IMG_20160704_213002427 Brooklyn BridgeIMG_20160704_213021013 Too many to show…IMG_20160705_123008678_HDR NYC City HallIMG_20160705_184750 Fountain by City Hall

IMG_20160705_185223Oldest City Hall in U.S.

IMG_20160702_231626First view of EnglandIMG_20160705_170234944 Use this body bag for passport, CC, $$


Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney (Gloria’s Aunt)

IMG_20160706_175003946_HDR Buckingham PalaceIMG_20160706_175141947 Buckingham PalaceIMG_20160706_175238913 Gates to the PalaceIMG_20160706_175512905_HDR Queen VictoriaIMG_20160706_175605494

IMG_20160706_184525126_HDRLook familiar?  Where is Big Ben?

Westminster AbbyIMG_20160706_184647409_HDR

IMG_20160706_184702664_HDRWestminster Abby


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