4th of July

Looking forward to the fireworks tonight.  I’ll try to find a spot somewhere near the Brooklyn Bridge.  What a great way to remember the United States by watching 4th of July fireworks on my last night here, for awhile.


Yesterday, I spent some time at The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) and in honor of the 4th, found the painting, Washington Crossing the Deleware.  The picture is large and hangs high in the gallery.  This isn’t the original.  Added some other pictures to today’s posting as well.


Various performers can be found in the NYC Subway Stations. Great way to pass the time waiting for a train.  Quite a variety, some quite good.  The performer pictured here was a crowd favorite.


Better planning would have given me more time in Bryant Park.  A vendor, Wafels & Dinges, was very tempting.  Really a very nice place in the heart of Manhatten.  Next time, I’ll get some quality time in Bryant Park.  Maybe at New York Fashion Week?

IMG_20160703_224916 IMG_20160703_224854 IMG_20160703_224826

As I mentioned above, I was at the Met yesterday. Like the Louvre and British Museum, can not be consumed in one day. One reason, for me, is that I can’t process so much art in one sitting.  Get too saturated and find myself not paying attention.


Was thinking about starting a collection of shop window displays.  I saw one display last night that I really liked. Maybe a collection would be interesting.  Another project!!

Getting ready to leave for London tomorrow night (11:00 p.m. flight).  Have a few errands to run tomorrow and will have time to spend time at the New Whitney before leaving for the airport.


2 thoughts on “4th of July”

  1. Explorer Phil
    Great Blog so far. Love the photos. Wish we were with you! Hope you are saving the photos to a cloud file somewhere. Your phone card will fill up fast!
    Love the Portland cousins Tony Barb Maria and Maggie

    1. Thanks! More improvements to follow – no rush. I’m retired! 🙂 Have plenty of time. Yes, all photos are backed up on cloud – actually two places, one set is backed up from phone when I’m on WiFi and the other is when I move to OneDrive after I edit, then delete from my phone. Yes, wish you were here.

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